What is your happiest memory when you were still a kid? Surely it was a memorable experience!

Was it the time when we just play and run around places while our moms are chasing us, Or jump and scream into our lungs that we are the superheroes that will save the day, Receiving gifts that are 2x bigger than us every Christmas season, Attending events that may seem “boring” for us because it’s an “adult” thing, Or just laugh while watching television?

Life was so simple back then on our childhood. There was really nothing much, on the simplest things we are already happy. We seldom experience problems, and when we have one, it’s either “Mommy, I’m hungry!” or “Where’s my toy?” or “Can you please buy me this pretty please?”

Well it’s true! Still it’s the simple things.

Do you want to know what the best part is?

That moment when we started dreaming! The kind of dream that we badly wanted to become a reality. The dream that we know that nothing could ever stop us, because it was who we are, what we are, and how we wanted people to look at us. It was a bliss. Can you still recall it?

That’s why, Don’t be such in a rush of wanting to grow up, because that’s the best part of your memories that will make you remember over and over again until you become an adult one day, it will just be a memory that you will be fond to talk about with your kids one day, or even in your grandchildren.

One day, you’ll just tell yourself, “I wish I could be a kid again.” So whenever you had the chance to enjoy yourself, then do it! Because it will never go back once another day has passed, neither will it wait for you.

Always Remember, I Believe in You!