If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb


What is your experience being on a team? Is it fun for you especially if your groupmates are your friends? Or perhaps it’s a burden to you because you know you’re the only one who will do all the work? Or you’ll feel relaxed instead because someone else will do the work and you’ll still take the credit without having much effort at all?


This isn’t only applied on schools; it can also be from your workplace, in other social groups, and even on your own home too.


There is no success for an individual if other members of the team fail; one teeny tiny mistake on a certain project will make the team fall on the ground, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, or how informative it is, or whatever you call it, that’s how important having a team is. There must be:


Commitment – for each and one of the members in their tasks. This is usually a problem for some members because they have their own other priorities, or sometimes, simply an excuse. It’s either they have to commit on their goal whatever it takes, make a planned schedule out of it, or if they aren’t really committing to it, don’t hesitate to take them out. There is someone out there who is more committed and capable to do the work. You don’t have to burden out yourself.


Accountability – for the members’ actions whenever the task wasn’t done or ready. Being accountable on your actions make yourself counter the mistakes that you had and let yourself catch up in order for the task to be done. This isn’t applied only for an individual, but for the whole team too, so being accountable to each other not only makes the bond stronger, but also you’re learning and knowing more each other along the way.


Open Communication – is vital for every team out there. A task will never get done without communication, especially a person to person communication. Misunderstandings and chaos around the work are the results of miscommunication, so as much as possible, having a meetings, or even a quick around feedbacks must be there in order to prevent a messed up outcomes on the team’s end.


Having a clear vision – is the core of everything in the team; Why are you doing it? What is the goal after the week? After the month? Is it aligned on your goals? On your team’s goals? Because if this is clear, then everything else will just follow through, you just have to work for it.

I believe in you! Start making that happen!