Do you know that the secret to every successful person is they never forget where they came from?

They never forget how bad they were at something before. They never forget what it was like having nothing. They never forget their painful experiences while they are journeying along the way.

They never forget the lessons they’ve been taught by different people around them, and learning from them…

We all start somewhere…

And most of us just started with little or nothing at all. Until such time that as the days go by, we will just realize of how far we already come, and tend to look back.

It is never bad to remember all those things, it’s just that you don’t tend to sit there, get caught up to it and reabsorb everything the painful and bad sides of your aftermaths and make it destroy yourself.

Never go backwards…

All those events that you had, are there for you to let you remind yourself that despite of the storm, there comes a rainbow just finding you and let yourself surround with it, make you smile like you’ve never been hurt, and having a come back stronger like ever before.

Most of all, being thankful and grateful for it because you will never be where you are right now. Those experiences are both valuable and heartbreaking for you to be the better version of yourself right now.

It was there for a reason, and it will always be there reminding you for all those struggles and achievements that you had.

So whenever you get demotivated, remember everything that you’ve been through. If you did it the last try you thought that you have given up, give yourself another chance, it will always be worth a try.

You can do it, I believe in you!


The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” – Harold Taylor