“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark” – Amit Ray

Imagine yourself in a familiar place that you are standing 10 years from now, what are the things that you’ve accomplished after all those years?

Did you get excited?

Or you’ve been bummed after reading it? What could cause that feeling you have right now?
The usual norm of the society we’ve seem endlessly following over the generations, The art of mediocrity around you, Or simply, you can’t be that authentic self that you are, when you were still a kid being the vast dreamer of everything.

Seeing the goodness around you and just being free, having no worries.
Growing up, your heart’s desire significantly decreases because of the people around you, the circumstances around you, and the things around you.

Let me ask you; is that what YOU REALLY WANT? Don’t lie to yourself. I know you don’t want to.
We only have one life to enjoy ourselves to the fullest from the world’s best offers to us. We all deserve to be loved, appreciated, recognized, to do the things that we want, and to be the best version of ourselves. Don’t stay if you can’t endure it anymore, saying a “No” to something you don’t want is not selfishness, it’s not being rude either, but it’s being capable to voice out of what is saying within us.
Discover what you want for yourself; what is it that you truly want?

Just like in a lyrics, “Do you know that there’s still a chance for you, ‘cause there’s a spark in you, you just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine..! ‘Cause baby you’re a firework, come and show ‘em what you’re worth… Come and let your colors burst!” The things that make you happy, just do it.

Embrace and release that inner potential inside you! It’s okay if you fall back, get tired, and be disappointed sometimes because it’s part of your growth! Stepping back and seeing things clearer is much better than not trying anything at all and regret it later in your life.

Soon enough, all the things that you wanted will fall right into place. Sit back and watch everything unravel clearly in front of you. You can do it!

Ignite your spark. You’re awesome!

“Don’t you dare dim your light; you were made to shine!” – Anonymous